Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee Book

Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee Book

$ 2,800.00
300 pages

over 150 illustrations

English language

Released in December 2019

W 9.8 x L 13 x D 1.2 in

Rubberized Hardcover

Over a short ten-year time-span, Hodinkee has positioned itself as the preeminent and most distinguished destination for modern and vintage wristwatch enthusiasts. Exiting a career in finance, Ben Clymer decided to fuse his horological and writing passions in order to start a blog discussing everything from new products to vintage wristwatch auctions. Titling his endeavor after the Czech word hodinky, which means ‘little watch,’ Clymer sought to create a platform that was casual and accessible to all levels of enthusiasts—within a few years The New York Times dubbed him the “High Priest of Horology.”